Our Story

Hi! We are Sten and Bryn, two brothers from Sydney. We are scientists, innovators and drink makers.

We are truly passionate about food, health and fitness, with 'formal' education in Food Science & Technology and Medical Science (at least that's what the fancy bits of paper say).

We grew up helping our folks with their juice and flavour business which guided us when we branched out, founding our own beverage company in 2016.

As life often does, a few curve balls came our way and Sten needing to navigate some pretty severe gut health issues crystallised our resolve to create healthier alternatives to the soft drinks we grew up with.

We embarked on a journey to reimagine what a soda could be.

With equal parts curiosity and passion-driven research, we crafted a unique blend of better-for-you ingredients that could offer the same pleasure of a regular soda with added benefits for gut health. Revibe was born. 

As we’ve discovered, there are few magic bullets in life. No one should ever believe they’ll find a one-size-fits-all solution for healthy living in any bottle, pill or product. However, we do hope that by replacing even the occasional sugary, artificial drink with a delicious soda packed with functional goodness, we’ll be contributing to a healthier Australia. One sip at a time.

We’re looking forward to taking this journey with you!

Sten & Bryn